Metrics Overview

Metrics Introduction #

The metrics tab shows an overview of your sending history. The metrics will help you monitor your email sending performance and provide a summary of your site’s emails.

TargetedNumber of emails requested to be sent.
DeliveredNumber of emails delivered that didn’t subsequently bounce
Delivered RatePercentage of sent emails that were Delivered.
BouncedNumber of bounced emails.
Bounce RatePercentage of Sent emails that Bounced.
RejectedNumber of emails that were rejected by WP Mail Pro.
Rejected RatePercentage of Targeted emails that were rejected.
Open RateApproximate Percentage of Delivered emails that were either rendered or had at least one link selected.
Click RateApproximate percentage of Delivered emails that had at least one link selected.

Metrics Filter #

The metrics data can be filtered by different date ranges to get specific data.

  • Last 24 hours
  • Last 7 days
  • This month
  • Last month
Notice Title

The sending limit data is unaffected by the metrics filtering. The sending limit is to keep track of how many emails you have sent in your current billing cycle

Sending Limit #

On the metrics page there is the Sending Limit progress bar to keep track of how many emails have been sent during the current billing cycle. For more information on Sending limits go to Link[Account/Plans/Sending_limit]