Sender Address #

Email Address #

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The Sender Email Address can only be set once a custom domain has been configured on the DNS Configuration Tab

The email address that your site will send from is composed of two parts. The Prefix and the domain. The Sender Address is structured as Prefix@Domain.

Prefix #

The prefix is the information that comes before the @ symbol in the email address. This field is set as the WordPress site name by default. The prefix can be changed to anything after a sending domain has been configured.

Domain #

The domain part of the sender address can either be set to the domain verified on the DNS Configuration Tab or the default domain

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Notice: The default sending domain is only intended to be used for testing and troubleshooting. In order to maximize your site deliverability you must configure your own sending domain

Sender Name #

The sender name is the name that will be shown to the recipient in their inbox. Sender Name is used to communicate who an email is from.

Force Sender Address #

The Force Sender Address checkbox will make all emails from the site come from the same address, ignoring email addresses set by other plugins.

Reply To Address #

Reply to Address is the email address that the reply message is sent when you want the reply to go to an email address that is different from the Sender Address.

Test Email #

To test to ensure that everything is configured correctly you can send a test email. To send a test email navigate to the settings Tab. In the test email field type the recipient of the test email and click send. If everything is configured correctly you will receive a test email.

Notice Title

After the Domain is verified there will be a short period where your account is pending and is unable to send emails